New daily connections on the Germany-Italy line

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Italy is famous for its fashionable shoes, world-famous pasta and pizza and the love of espresso. Germany, in turn, is a country known for the best cars, fine beer and high-quality cleaning products. Although apparently do not have much in common, they are connected by intense trade, and from today also by the network of daily connections of Raben Group on the Italy-Germany line.

Italy is a partner number 6 for the German economy in the international trade whereas for Europe, this country is on the fourth place. In order to meet the needs of its customers, while observing the dynamic situation of trade on the European market, Raben Group decided to launch daily connections on the Germany-Italy line.

From now on, the Raben network each day connects three key German regions (Ruhr area, Stuttgart, Nuremberg) with two hubs in northern Italy (Milan in Lombardy and Verona in Veneto), ensuring delivery within two business days between the key regions. The new connections of the Group are to support existing customers from Italy and Germany in the exchange of goods between these countries. They are also targeted at all business players in Germany and Italy, who in the near future intend to develop their business with import or export in Italy and Germany.

For years now, Raben has been involved in the trade exchange from Italy to various European countries. In April 2017, the Group took over a 20% share in Sittam, a leader on the Italian market of international groupage transportation on road, sea & air. The company headquarters and its central warehouse are located in Cornaredo near Milan. The transaction was aimed at strengthening the partnership between the companies. Since then, Raben has been focusing quite heavily on transports to and from Italy.

“The next step in the integration of Raben Group with Sittam Italy. After launching Sittam groupage connections with Central Europe and the Netherlands, we will support German exporters and importers. A network of daily connections based on three gateways in Germany (Ruhr Area, Stuttgart, Nuernberg) and two in Italy (Milan, Verona) guarantees competitive lead times for groupage shipments.” - explains Sławomir Błotny, Business Development Director, Raben Group.

Raben addresses its offer mainly to customers from the automotive, industrial automation, interior design, fashion and food sectors.